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motorbike preparation
africa 2011 : about the trip
Sunday, 11 September 2011

Since i bought my africa twin in 2008, i ve changed a few things on it, and add some equipments on it, to improve its travel abilities :

- replacement of the original electrical fuel pump by a mechanical one

- replacement of the original fuel tank by a 42L plastic tank

- aluminium travel cases with their supports



To prepare this new trip, i tried some new equipments :

- addition of a 2nd radiator fan

- replacement of the original meter

- special home-made saddle and fuel tank covers

- new fork springs


plus the renewal of some 'consumables' : various bearings, and seals, clutch, brakes, tires, rear shock absorber, saddle...


I will details all these, and some other things I don t mention here, later on.